If you want to expand your work in photography, I will be happy to support you and assist you with my knowledge in theory and practice. Learn the basics of Lightroom and how to edit your images quickly and effectively. You will learn to master Photoshop in a professional manner.

The dates are yet to be announced.

Otherwise, we are happy to organise any of the courses listed below individually on request for those in a hurry and hungry for knowledge.

Introduction to the art of photography: basics and essential techniques

  • Introduction to photography
  • Operating the camera
  • Photographic composition: rules for composition, balance, perspective and point of view
  • Light and colour: understanding natural and artificial light, white balance, colour interpretation
  • Landscape photography: composition for panoramic shots, handling depth of field
  • Portrait photography: lighting techniques, alignment of the subject, facial expression and posing
  • Macro photography: in-depth study of techniques for close-ups

Simply learn Lightroom Classic – The basics

  • Shooting RAW correctly – correct exposure
  • Difference JPEG & RAW with impressive presentation
  • Colour spaces (sRGB, Adobe RGB)
  • Stitching panorama images
  • Merging HDR images
  • Lightroom Overview
  • Lightroom file management
  • Importing images Basis
  • Archiving – various techniques
  • Backup – Backup copies
  • Working with metadata sorting by lenses and camera settings
  • Straighten the horizon
  • Optical corrections
  • Basic settings of Lightroom – The basics of editing
  • Basic tools in detail – Exposure, black, white, clarity,
  • Sharpening with Lightroom
  • Reduce noise & ISO noise
  • Create and use quick templates
  • Working with virtual copies
  • Interpreting and using histograms correctly
  • Area repairs (removal of sensor stains, etc.)
  • Synchronisation of image series
  • Image formats – JPEG – TIFF
  • Exporting with templates

Adobe Photoshop – Mastering the art of photo editing

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • File management and formats
  • Basic photo retouching: correction of colours, brightness, contrast and sharpness.
  • Working with layers: Using and managing layers for non-destructive editing
  • Selection and masks
  • Techniques for removing imperfections, perspective correction
  • Retouching portraits:
  • Advanced colour adjustments:
  • Efficient workflows

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